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"The same team One dream "KaiXue annual Spring Festival is held ceremoniously

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  Sheep song ChengShiFang will click, monkey dance spring ChengXiang again.



  The morning of February 1, 2016, zhengzhou KaiXue cold chain co., LTD. "one team, one dream" theme conference was held in holiday inn ZhongMou international conference center.

  Chairman Mr Feng Renjun, vice chairman of the board of directors, general manager, Mr Tang Xinyu Du Ronghua lady together with company vice staff attended the event, everyone gathered, a joyous festival.

  Following the opening of annual meeting of the board chairman Mr Feng Renjun work summary and outlook for 2016, 2015, the general manager Mr Tang Xinyu published "one team, one dream" as the theme of the speech, established the goal of creating "tiejun team", great speech, won the applause of all the staff!

  Annual show in "carried sedan" cast drums officially began, one by one program, very busy.

  KaiXue today's achievements, in addition to the chairman Mr Feng Renjun strategy pilot, also cannot leave the KaiXue all core elite leadership team lead, their professional, diligence, perseverance, innovation,... Lead KaiXue climb to a new level after another! For this purpose, the company for elite team, excellent staff, excellent management, excellent sales and outstanding customer satisfaction, outstanding excellence in technology innovation, team, etc. The size of 62 awards, believe in the future, they will be more efforts, scaling new heights! Pass a blessing, a lucky, during the annual meeting, will arrange sample of more than 200 employees, lucky and handed out the fine gifts and gift CARDS for them.

  After the annual meeting, the company will arrange the family reunion dinner, the chairman led the executive team, New Year to you, I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best!

  In 2015, New Year new start, KaiXue handed over a satisfactory answer, but the dream steps will not stop. In 2016, KaiXue will be focusing on the profit center, in total, tang feng, under the guidance of total and elite team leader will skip over the waves, the sails!
































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