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Financial officer Ministry of Finance 2 people College

First, Job Status: finance staff

Job Responsibilities:

1 assist financial managers establish and improve the company's financial and accounting system;

2, organize the preparation of the financial revenue and expenditure and financial plan to implement the plan and check their implementation;

3, organization of staffing budget, submitted after approval to implement leadership;

4, monitor the implementation of the various sectors of the budget, auditing expenses of various departments, according to the company's operations and timely cost proposed control scheme;

5, the organization accountants to do accounting work, accurate, timely and complete accounting, afterwards, reimbursement;

6, other temporary task leadership arrangements.

job requirements:

1, accounting, financial management and other related professional qualification certificates and the corresponding professional accounting qualification certificate;

2, familiar with national law, accounting laws, regulations, guidelines and policies;

3, 3 - more than 5 years experience in corporate financial management, with financial, credit, insurance industry financial management experience is preferred; with corporate finance experience in banking experience is preferred;

4, strong language skills and organizational skills, clear thinking, sensitive data;

5, character, integrity, strong sense of responsibility, ambitious; self-discipline, serious and responsible work.

work place:

Zhongmou automobile industry cluster (Jianshe Road) Zhengzhou City

contact number: