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Leader Speech

Dear colleagues:

Between the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, I, as general manager of the company, would like to give out the management requirement and concept of the company for everyone in this letter.

As everyone knows, our enterprise culture is to be “Persistent, Innovative and Responsible”. From work direction, we will continuously persist in “cold chain industry”, and unceasingly make innovations on product and service to create value for customers, thereby achieving our responsibility promise to the society. As a high-tech enterprise listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations, each functional department and all staff of the company will march forward in higher standard for the mission of becoming the pacesetter of Chinese “cold chain industry”. Then how can we accomplish this mission?

First of all, everyone must implant the concept of “Customer First” in your values, and make every effort to improve customer satisfaction. We never seek quick success and instant benefits, and win the market finally only by winning customer trust. (Definition of customer: including external customers using Kaixue products and services, and internal customers sharing your business outcomes.) 

Secondly, everyone must take “performance data” as Kaixue management solution, and service data will fundamentally embody your value to the company. Every manager should put forward the core business index and performance data of his post, or he is not a competent manager. (Definition of manager: All managers, sales service staff and office manager, with a team.) 

Thirdly, please all managers improve own management level in the concept of “Belief, Action, Sharing”. Ask yourself, do you believe in the mission, values and future of the company? Do you believe you can do it better? If not, you should leave the company; this is the most responsible attitude to yourself and others. If you do, please think how to act? Action is the most difficult, because there are more people knowing rules, but few people performing by rules, action really tells and tests the thought. It is more important to share experience after actions, because the essence of teamwork is sharing, and you can improve yourself through sharing.

At last, everyone should behave as the above requirements. Maybe you do not like these, but please remember: “As long as you do this, the management team of the company will like you”. We will cultivate excellent management staff that follows these ideas as senior management and shareholders of the company.

All the words above are from my heart, sharing to you! Thank you all!

 General Manager: Tang Xinyu